Step 3: Technical Qualification

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You may begin Step 3 after the Registry has confirmed that you have completed Step 2. Registrars must develop the client application that will allow them to interface with the .IN Registry. The Operational Test and Evaluation (OT & E) environment is available for you to test your client systems. Registrars must demonstrate the correct operation of their client application by completing the OT&E certification process as outlined in the document. You may undertake Step 3 and Step 4 in parallel.

Registrars who have not passed the testing will not be able to process transactions with the .IN Registry. Please contact .IN Technical Support once you have completed the testing.

EPP v.3.0:
The .IN OT&E criteria include Normal Domain operations, DNSSEC sections and the basic operations regarding trademarks that a Registrar's client application can perform in the Registry.

The DNSSEC section of EPP 3.0 criteria is optional for the existing .IN registrar who may like to test their EPP client for DNSSEC extensions.

To learn about the Registrar Tool Kit provided to registrars to aid in their client development, please see the Registrar Toolkit FAQ.

Checklist for Technical Qualification:
Before performing an OT&E Test, please make sure you have completed all of the following items:

  • Review the OT&E certification requirements.
  • Obtain an SSL certificate from an accepted certificate authority.
  • Provided the IP address range you will be sending requests to the IN Registry with
  • Developed a client application that uses the EPP protocol and supports SSL connection to the .IN Registry.