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    The Scope of Work and other Terms and Conditions are as follows:

    1. Advertise various positions in leading print and digital media according to NIXI requirement.
    2. Identification and Short listing of Profiles received for interviews in consultation with NIXI.
    3. Coordination with Shortlisted Candidates and issue of interview letters.
    4. Conduct of interview by The Selection Committee constituted by NIXI.

    For more details refer Human Resource Recruitment Agency for Hiring Manpower

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    National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) would like to announce the list of Successful Candidates for NIXI fellowship Programme-2014. The same can be downloaded from here.

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    NIXI — the .IN domain manager — launches .IN television advertising campaign

    In the past few years, the .IN domain has become one of the most popular Internet addresses in India, and today there are more than one million .IN sites! .IN sites are used to help promote Indian businesses and to sell goods to Internet users in India and around the world. These addresses have been especially effective for small businesses on the Web because they help them find new customers efficiently.

    To build on that success, NIXI has just begun a comprehensive TV campaign that will encourage businesses of all sizes to get online and establish their Internet presence using a .IN domain. Covering all of India, the campaign invests tens of millions of rupees to build awareness of .IN addresses and help support those businesses that are already using a .IN domain.

    Each ad is designed to show how a business can benefit from using the Internet and, specifically, from using the .IN domain as part of a business’ publicity and business strategy. Many small Indian businesses offer excellent products and services, but suffer from low awareness because they don’t have big marketing budgets. A .IN domain enables these businesses to have a presence online, where many more new customers can find them just by a simple Internet search. The ads illustrate how Indian businesses can expand beyond their local markets just by offering their products online.

    The ads are being aired in Hindi and English, and run at different lengths (20 seconds, 30 seconds, and one minute).

    You’ll be able to see the commercials on popular Hindi and English movie channels and news channels — like India TV, News 24, CNBC TV 18, Headlines Today, Discovery, and KTV — as well as on regional channels broadcasting in Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and Bangala.

    The ads are currently running 12-14 times each day on each of the many channels and will continue to be seen through January 2014. By the end of the campaign, the spots will have been broadcast more than 7,500 times and reached tens of millions of people.

    You can also see — and share — the ads on YouTube. For more information on how to register an .IN address for your business, visit our How to Register page.

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    Pursuant to the increase in administrative costs for conducting arbitration under INDRP, the .IN Registry has decided to increase the fees for filing complaint from Rs.10000/- + Service Tax to Rs.20,000/- + Service Tax. This increase in fees for filing complaints shall be effective from 1st January 2014. Accordingly all .IN Registry complaints filed on or after 1st January 2014 shall be accompanied by an amount of Rs.20,000/- + Service Tax payable by way of Cheque/DD/Wire Transfer.

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    NIXI is pleased to announce the release of .भारत Policy Framework for Public Comments. Interested parties can download the document .भारत Policy Framework for Public Comments here.

    For submitting your comments, please send them over to registry@nixi.in