Universal Acceptance Expert Group

.IN Registry(ccTLD) is a division functioning under NIXI and manages the .IN/.Bharat Domains.


India has crossed 825 million Internet users, till date. Largely, we are also consuming Internet in English language only. As per available data, more than 85% of Indian population is non-English speaking. Hence not more than 15% of us are using Internet technology effectively. Therefore, there is a need to bring remaining 85% of Indian population to fold of effective utilization of Broadband Technology. Government of India has initiated “National Language Translation Mission” which will help in adoption of local languages in Broadband and other technologies.


NIXI has decided to be the flag bearer of the Universal Acceptance and Adoption in the country. Accordingly, it is decided that an “Universal Acceptance Expert Group” should be created who can extend support to all the Indian entities who are finding it challenging to implement and adopt Universal Acceptance. In addition to this the Universal Acceptance Expert Group will help in identifying & hiring agency that will help end customer by providing necessary technical support to be Universal Acceptance ready. This panel will guide all such Indian entities and help in increasing the UA ready.