About .IN

.IN is India's top-level domain on the Internet. Like .COM, .IN can be used for e-mail, Web sites, and other applications. But unlike other domains, .IN is a unique symbol of India and its role in the world.

The procedures for registering .IN names have been simplified. This allows anyone to register and use .IN domain names. Now .IN names are available for signup through a number of registrars. .IN domains are easy to buy, easy to use, fast and reliable!

INRegistry is the official .IN registry. It was appointed by the government of India, and is operated under the authority of NIXI, the National Internet eXchange of India. For more about us, click here.

The new era for .IN began with a Sunrise Period. Owners of registered Indian trademarks or service marks who wished to protect their marks were given the opportunity to apply for .IN domain names before the general public. Sunrise applications were taken from January 1 to January 21, 2005. The date for the opening of real-time, open registration for the general public was February 16, 2005.